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These past few years have been very challenging due to budget cuts and workforce reductions. The pressure to reduce costs is greater than ever, causing individual workloads to increase and stretching employees to the limit. Tighter time frames coupled with larger workloads result in decentralized ordering with less oversight, leading to brand integrity issues and varying costs for similar items. To counteract this trend, Drew & Rogers has been working with hundreds of companies like yours implementing our custom Virtual Ordering Solutions (VOS), and has now launched a website dedicated to these solutions:

VOS offers decentralized purchasing 24/7 for a multitude of customizable products. The difference here is the fact that it is all ordered via a singular web portal from templates you approve, meaning your logo will be consistent, maintaining brand integrity on business cards, envelopes, forms, promotional products, and much more.

We invite you to browse the VOS website and see how we can help you reach your cost reduction goals while increasing your workplace efficiency.

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