Direct Mail

Mailing Services

Camera Matching
We offer a wide range of capabilities in camera matching.

  • 100% camera matched verified insertion
  • Multiple camera matches across many different packaged versions

Fastest Inserters

  • 14,000 envelopes per hour
  • Over 9 inserters and 7 inkjet machines


    Additional Services

    • Certified mail
    • Wafer sealing
    • Bindery services
    • Commingling of mail
    • Metering and stamping
    • Pressure-seal snap-pack secure mailers
    • Tabbing and spot-gluing
    • Post-it Note affixing and automatic label affixing
    • Shrink Wrapping or Auto Poly-Bagging
    • Inkjet addressing using variable printing in up to 3 separate locations


    Integrated Marketing Solutions

    Call tracking and mail tracking with Google’s & Facebook Advertising. Maximize your results:

    • Retargeting direct mail recipients on Facebook
    • Tracking your leads
    • Retargeting website traffic with Google’s Display Network 


    Variable Digital Printing

    The benefits of using our digital printing services:

    • Customized user experience
    • Cross media campaigns
    • Market and test various versions



    Digital Printing Options

    • Variable data printing and static printing
    • High definition image quality
    • Large digital sheet size
    • Inline saddle stitching and face trimming
    • Personalized single and multi-page letters
    • Electronic collation
    • Storefront applications


    Cross Media Marketing (CMM) Services

    • Personalized URLs (PURLs)
    • Targeted variable data e-mails
    • Trigger e-mails / text messages
    • Express landing pages (GURLs)
    • Real time custom reporting
    • Custom QR codes
    • Video hosting – desktop and mobile
    • Mobile marketing
    • Augmented reality
    • Personalized videos



    A personalized URL combined with a variable digital print direct mail component or variable e-mail blast is an effective way to increase your response rates. We can design and develop an integrated digital print and PURL strategy.

    Variable E-mail

    We can incorporate a variable e-mail message as part of your integrated communication strategy. We use previous campaign responses to customize the messages in a triggered communication that will help produce leads.

    Mobile Marketing

    Mobile marketing is playing an increasingly important role in overall market strategies. We can design and implement a branded mobile landing page that efficiently measures response and drives revenue opportunities. With our online dashboard reporting you can easily track the effectiveness of your mobile campaign in real time. QR codes and SMS texting can also be integrated to enhance results.

    Kitting & Fulfillment

    • Temperature Controlled Storage
    • Quality Control
    • Security

    All data is encrypted and received via our secure file transfer protocol. Our facility is monitored 24/7 inside and outside. All entrances are secure with proximity card readers – including our data center and digital printing department.


    • Literature fulfillment
    • Kitting
    • Hand assembly/nesting
    • Pick and pack
    • Premium incentives distribution
    • Packaging
    • Warehousing
    • Weighing/segregating
    • Inventory and reporting
    • Certified mailings


    Data Processing Solutions

    Services we provide to accomplish this:

    • NCOA (National Change of Address)
    • File suppression
    • USPS CASS-DPBC certification
    • Geocoding
    • USPS PAVE certification
    • Duplicate elimination
    • IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcoding and tracking)
    • Presorting and merge-purge
    • Custom reporting
    • Canadian address validation


    Data Management Solutions

    We take your existing data to the next level, and have a track record of success in helping our clients enhance and enrich their data in a variety of ways, such as

    • Data cleansing and scrubbing
    • E-mail and telephone verification
    • E-mail validation: syntax validation and MX record lookups
    • Radius map selections
    • County appending
    • Special file coding
    • List services: AMA, business, consumer, residential
    • Data manipulation and corrections
    • Data extraction
    • Data conversion
    • Field order correction
    • Pre-processing and post-processing
    • Data entry
    • DP reports and state reports
    • Barcode scanning for returns
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