What’s New In The Packaging World?

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A lot of things actually! Read some of these news pieces and articles that come directly from the packaging world itself.

• The Food and Drug Administration plans to update its Nutrition Facts label policies, which will impact nearly all food and beverage products marketed for retail sale and promoted in the United States. This change to update the 20-year-old guidelines presents challenges and opportunities that food and beverage companies will need to quickly understand and mobilize. Tool to help packagers navigate FDAs Nutritional Facts label changes.
• Anheuser-Busch is providing 2,156 cases of emergency drinking water for use by residents affected by the recent tornado storms in Washington, Pekin and East Peoria, IL. Anheuser Busch provides relief to tornado vicitim.

• Method launches innovative design for soap- Method Products, the leader in eco-friendly home cleaning, laundry, and personal care products, is innovating in the dish category again, with the launching of Power Foam dish soap-the first foaming dish soap in an ergonomic trigger spray bottle. October Packaging Concepts
• A wedding dress and a world record rebrand- RPC Tedeco-Gizeh Kenfig transformed plastic cups into a wedding dress. The dress was created for Tracey Leahy, managing director of Mannvend. Check out the wedding dress article.

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