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Specific Uses for an RFID Tag

What is an RFID tag?

The term RFID stands for “Radio Frequency Identification” and is a generic term for a technology that utilized radio waves for identification purposes.  An RFID tag is a microchip attached to an antenna that is packaged in a way that can be applied to an object during manufacturing or by applying a label with the RFID chip integrated into it. The RFID tag sends encoded information to a reader. The tag contains a unique serial number, but may have other information, such as a container’s contents, customers’ account number and date information, etc.

 RFID tags can be active, passive or semi-passive. The antenna is the conductive element that enables the microchip to send and receive data. An RFID reader is a device that has one or more antennae that send and receive signals back from the microchip that’s typically incorporated into a label or tag.

Drew & Rogers can provide both blank and coded RFID tags depending on your requirements.   Blank RFID tabs are encoded at the client’s location, whereas a coded RFID tags already arrive with installed data.


Companies in need of RFID labels and tags commonly use them to track inventory where line of sight is not available or practical, or where specific identification is required for each product.

Some specific uses include:

  • Product and Inventory Tracking in Warehouse Operations
  • Animal tracking tags
  •  Tags to identify trees or wooden items
  • Credit-card shaped for use in access applications, i.e. ID Badges
  • The anti-theft hard plastic tags attached to merchandise
  • Heavy-duty transponders used to track shipping containers, heavy machinery, trucks, and railroad cars.


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Advantages of Giving Corporate Holiday Gifts

At this time of year corporate gift giving is an ideal way to show your employees and top customers how much you value and appreciate them. While holiday gift giving is still important, consider giving corporate gifts for a variety of unique occasions. Corporate gift giving has many benefits for both the giver and the receiver. Some of the top reasons for your company to give promotional gifts include:

  • Advertise your business

All organizations depend on advertising in order to thrive. Distributing promotional corporate gifts is essential to this growing process. When a client receives a gift with your company’s name and contact information on it, they will remember your business every time they use it. Branded gifts like t-shirts and hats are both appreciated by your client, and act at the same time awareness for your organization.

  • Improve Company Morale

Letting your employees know that you value their hard work is a traditional benefit of corporate gift giving. These gifts are also ideal for showing appreciation and strengthening relationships with key customers during the holiday season. Generally, the most appreciated holiday gifts are those that are not perceived as promotional products. Incorporating your company’s name or logo tastefully into the gift is usually the best way to go.

  • Reward Your Customers

Building strong relationships with your customers is a huge advantage of corporate gift giving. Your most valuable clients deserve to be thanked for the business they bring to your company. Personalized corporate gifts are most appropriate to give you top customers, as they best represent your close business relationship.

 Hopefully you’ve had a great year, so this holiday season, be sure to keep these points in mind when you are thinking generously giving away some holiday gifts!

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Best Fall Promotional Items Under $10

With the arrival of the fall months, it is the perfect time to check out what Drew & Rogers branded products can offer you to help celebrate the cool weather. Add your custom logo to these items for a perfectly branded autumn!

   12-can cooler:

This cooler is perfect for tailgating games, hanging out by the fire or for a fall picnic. The cooler features a hide-away dual cup holder with hook and loop closure to rest your beverages. It also has a 38 inch adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. It is available in blue, black and red colors.

  Duncan Cup:

This sturdy tumbler is available in red, brown, yellow, purple and green colors to warm you up on a chilly fall morning. The Duncan cup is an 18 ounce double wall plastic insulated tumbler with a rubber textured grip. With a designated area for your logo to be screen printed, the Duncan cup tumbler is durable and fits in most car beverage holders. The easy to screw lid will help prevent major spills on a busy morning.

  Embroidered Fleece Blanket:

This custom 50” x 60” embroidered fleece blanket will keep you warm in the chilly months. Bundle up at a football game or in front of the fire. Customize your logo on this comfy fleece which is available in 11 colors and comes with a nylon carrying strap.

   Mini Football:

Nothing says fall like the beginning of football season! These mini footballs are a great giveaway to promote your school, pop-warner team, company, or brand. Show your football spirit with these fun products.

   Embroidered Knit Hats:

Bundle up under your fleece blanket at the game with customized knit hats. This deal can’t be beat! Minimum 48 pieces, includes up to 10,000 stitches in one location, and a free tape charge. Choose from beanie or cuff style hat, available in 12 colors as well.

Promotional products are seen through marketer’s eyes as branding opportunities, putting company names on everything from t-shirts to sports arenas. Allow your company logo to be recognized on a variety of products. These fall specials under $10 will help your brand kick-off to a great season ahead!

For promotional and ASI products, including custom printed apparel, corporate awards, greeting cards, and calendars, D&R Branded Products can put your company image on the map by saturating the market with branded promotional products.

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Leverage the Benefits of Online Shopping with a Branded Company Store

People now shop online to order everything, from books to groceries, which all end up delivered straight to their door. We’re going to discuss some of the benefits of online shopping, and how setting up a virtual store can leverage these benefits in a corporate setting.


In an age where almost everything can be looked up and purchased via a smartphone or laptop, it is no wonder that online stores provide the most convenient shopping experience. Consumers are able to browse multiple sites to find the products they need when it fits into their busy day, even when they are away from their office or computer. Although websites lack a physical salesman, questions can be answered quickly and efficiently by a phone call or email. When setting up a company store, your employees, administrators, and clients have the ability to order 24/7.

Another benefit to online shopping is the obvious convenience of not having to leave your home or office to trek to the store. Virtual ordering allows shopping and communication anywhere in the world. You are no longer limited to purchasing behavior based on physical location restrictions, making it easy to browse and buy wherever you have internet access.


The Virtual Ordering Solutions division of Drew & Rogers creates online stores for our clients’ print, packaging, and promotional items. For example, franchisees across the country are able to order print collateral and marketing materials online and customize the corporate design with appropriate names, addresses, and pricing details for their specific location. Before placing the order, you also get to view and approve an online proof to make sure the product is exactly the way you want it. Business cards, menus, brochures, postcards, and more can be added to an online ordering system, which is especially useful for industries such as franchises, retail, and insurance companies with multiple locations and/or a large sales force.


When ordering online, you usually receive a receipt via email and are able to see reporting through your banking or credit card statements. An online company store from Drew & Rogers provides businesses with an even more robust set of reporting tools. This added layer of reporting includes the ability to review who placed the order, how much was spent, the associated cost centers, and fulfillment timeframes.

Online marketing portals are provided for entire sales organizations to enhance efficiency and productivity within the business. No longer do staff members have to find a local printer for business cards, or use the wrong logo, that doesn’t meet style guide requirements, to have them printed. All of the orders are controlled through the company store using approved artwork and printers.

Similar to online retail marketplaces, our company web stores have products organized in categories and sub-categories for easy navigation and faster product identification and ordering. This is especially useful for companies with a large portfolio of collateral that expands across multiple marketing campaigns and print mediums.

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Drew & Rogers is recognized today as a leading supplier of print management services, business forms, packaging, labels, and promotional products. Each division is dedicated to providing you quality products and services with convenience in mind. All aspects can be incorporated into your company store, so if you can’t find a product you need, there’s a good chance Drew & Rogers can provide it to you.

Ordering business products and services online saves you time and money. We are happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about how a branded company store can improve your bottom line. Our staff and support teams are knowledgeable of industry best practices and changing trends.

If you would like to see how a company store is setup and utilized, please check out our short two minute introduction video:

To learn more about Virtual Ordering Solutions, please visit or to learn about the other great products offered by Drew & Rogers, visit our corporate website at

Virtual Ordering Solutions

VOS logo

These past few years have been very challenging due to budget cuts and workforce reductions. The pressure to reduce costs is greater than ever, causing individual workloads to increase and stretching employees to the limit. Tighter time frames coupled with larger workloads result in decentralized ordering with less oversight, leading to brand integrity issues and varying costs for similar items. To counteract this trend, Drew & Rogers has been working with hundreds of companies like yours implementing our custom Virtual Ordering Solutions (VOS), and has now launched a website dedicated to these solutions:

VOS offers decentralized purchasing 24/7 for a multitude of customizable products. The difference here is the fact that it is all ordered via a singular web portal from templates you approve, meaning your logo will be consistent, maintaining brand integrity on business cards, envelopes, forms, promotional products, and much more.

We invite you to browse the VOS website and see how we can help you reach your cost reduction goals while increasing your workplace efficiency.

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