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Office Closed 10-31-2011

Due to the recent winter storm in the northeast, the Drew & Rogers office is closed today, October 31, 2011. Additionally, some infrastructure in the area has been damaged and our communications, including phones and email, are temporarily down at our corporate office. We are working to get our office running at normal speed and will be updating this site with the latest information. Please check back to find out when our phone and email access has been restored.

We are sorry for any inconvenience. Thank your for choosing Drew & Rogers Inc.

New Drew & Rogers, Inc. Website Launched

Drew & Rogers, Inc.’s corporate website has undergone an overhaul to revise and update the site with new features and functionality.

In an effort to better serve their customers and make offered products and services easier to find through a web search, Drew & Rogers has launched an updated version of the corporate website. The following features have been added or updated:

• Current company news and press releases

• Product and services directory defined by three major categories Print, Packaging & Promotion

• Links for customer FTP access

• Links for customer branded site access

• Graphical header promoting upcoming events and specials

• Updated site navigation and controls

Drew & Rogers Inc., a supplier of business to business printed products ranging from Business Forms and Promotional Products to Shrink Sleeve Labels and Filing Supplies, has been in business for over 65 years.

For more information about any of the products and services offered by Drew & Rogers, interested parties can email or call 800-610-6210. Alternatively, more information is accessible by browsing any of the links on this site or visiting any of the Websites associated with Drew & Rogers Inc.

New Shrink Sleeve Labels Website

Shrink Sleeve Labels, a division of Drew & Rogers Inc., has launched a new website. At there is more information about the features of shrink sleeve labels and the materials that go into the production process. Often made from a flexible plastic material, shrink film is positioned over product containers and then heated so that the plastic shrinks, forming a skin-tight custom fit to the bottle. This is an exceptional way to market both standard shaped bottles for an enhanced look, and bottles with excessive contours. After redesigning artwork – distorting it so it looks proper after the shrinking process and finding the proper shrink ratios, the label and packaging is sent through a heat tunnel and the label emerges fitting the container perfectly. Shrink Sleeve Labels offers full body shrink sleeves as well as tamper evident bands and perforated labels so a safety seal can be easily removable with horizontal, vertical, or t-perforations.

For marketers who are unsure of the benefits of this type of label, or who are not ready for a full commitment, there is a gallery to view shrink sleeve label examples – images for a clear idea of what finished shrink sleeve products look like. Shrink Sleeve Labels has taken the “seeing is believing” concept even further and has now introduced the option to participate in Shrink Sleeve Labels’ revolutionary shrink sleeve prototype program. Through this process a custom printed shrink sleeve can be custom designed and applied to a container so that potential clients would get an exact idea of how the end product would look. This no-strings-attached program lets buyers see the potential shrink sleeve labels would have on the marketability of their product by providing the actual final product! While there is no obligation to place more than a prototype order, Shrink Sleeve Labels is confident that the brilliant look and feel of 360° form-fitting shrink sleeve labels will entice interested parties to package all their products with shrink sleeves. Visit for more information or to contact Shrink Sleeve Labels about the potential shrink sleeve labels can have on various business types.

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